Backyard League Foundation - Year 2

The Backyard League, Foundation – Year 2 Program uses story based learning to assist young students to understand the skills and concepts of Rugby League.


Students will meet the story’s characters, Red, Bluey and their friends who will help children of all abilities gain a basic comprehension of Rugby League concepts.


Lessons which follow on from the story component have been designed alongside a story that requires students to practice fundamental movement skills and active play through minor games.  Students will learn to be aware of space and game boundaries, as well fair play and personal safety.


The three-week program has been developed to provide non-contact, safe and age appropriate activities that provide an introduction to and understanding of Rugby League, which is delivered by fully qualified NRL Game Development Officers.


In 2017, the NRL will be introducing a new book and activities which will follow on from the current foundation to year 2 program.

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