Referee Reaccreditation

In order to reaccredit, a referee must, during the four years, have been:

  •  Involved in refereeing, referee education or approved officiating – related activities; and be,
  • Satisfactorily assessed by an accredited Course Provider or Assessor regarding the Code of Conduct, Ethics, Legal Responsibilities and Legislative requirements signed-on for compliance at the time of Accreditation.

 The refereeing or officiating – related requirement can be accomplished by :

  •  Practical refereeing;
  • Involvement in courses – e.g. as a presenter, mentor, assessor or author of resources; or,
  • Self-education – within or outside the code.

 How to do I check my accreditation status?

All Rugby League participants have access to their own personal profile, which will include the accreditation/s they hold

To find out how to login into your profile please click here

What If I forget to update my accreditation?

 If reaccreditation does not occur during, or at the end of, the four years, the referee – who applies later on, may be required to

 1) Re-do a course;

 2) Complete some aspects of a course; or

 3) Complete some specific activities to show officiating competency.

Updating/reaccreditation is conducted through the code’s accredited course providers, Referees Development Officers and monitored by the state and regional managers. Reaccreditations are considered on an individual basis.

Who is responsible for reaccreditation?

It is your responsibility to be aware of the expiry date of your accreditation and to update your accreditation when required.

You must ensure that your Association updates your accreditation on an annual basis.

Referee Accreditation

The NRL offers a range of referee courses designed to educate officials at all levels of the game. Click on an icon below to learn more.

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