Referee Reaccreditation

Every Match Official and CMO must complete an annual update in order to remain accredited for that season, regardless of accreditation level. The style and length of annual updates will vary based on a variety of factors, including any potential changes to the Laws of the Game or National Methodology. The method of these updates will be communicated to all Leagues and Associations each season. This may include:

  • Online work
  • Face-to-face work
  • A combination of the above

The content of these annual updates will be nationally standardised, and may vary between accreditation levels.

All  Match Official and CMO must complete their annual update prior to July 1st each season. After this date the Match Official or CMO will not be accredited to continue to be appointed in that season.

What If I forget to update my accreditation?

Should a Match Official or CMO miss one annual update and wish to return to the sport in the following season, they must complete the most recent seasons update in order to maintain their accreditation level.

If a Match Official or CMO does not attend an annual update for more than two seasons, they will be required to submit an application to the General Manager of Officiating (or delegated person) via the applicable form. A decision will then be made on what steps the person is required to take in order to become accredited. Factors taken into account in making this decision include (but are not limited to):

  • How many years were spent away from officiating
  • How many years the person had officiated for
  • What level the person had officiated up to
  • What involvement, if any, the person has had in Rugby League in other capacities whilst being away from officiating


How to do I check my accreditation status?

All Rugby League participants have access to their own personal profile, which will include the accreditation/s they hold

To find out how to login into your profile please click here


Who is responsible for reaccreditation?

It is your responsibility to be aware of the expiry date of your accreditation and to update your accreditation when required.

Referee Accreditation

The NRL offers a range of referee courses designed to educate officials at all levels of the game. Click on an icon below to learn more.

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