Level 2 Referee

  • Minimum Age:  18 years
  • Qualification Prerequisite:  Level 1 Referee (for a minimum 2 years)
  • Involvement (What age groups can you referee?):  Any local/district matches and Junior Rep matches
  • How long am I accreditteed for : 4 years
  • Course Time:  15 hours
  • Course Cost: $30

The Level 2 Referee course has been designed to take into account the more advanced aspects of refereeing. The course consists of 3 

1) 6 Online modules

2) 5 Face to Face Modules (Training for Fitness, Laws of the Game/Case Studies/Skills Drills, Safety in Sport, Practical Refereeing, Lifestyle Guidelines, Assessing Performance, Psychology of Refereeing, Sociology of Refereeing, The Referee & the Judiciary, The Touch Judge, Legal Responsibilities of Referees

3) Practical & Written/or Oral Assessment ( The practical assessment involves on field refereeing ; assessments will take place during throughout the season)

Upon completion of the Face-to-face component of the course, the candidate will qualify as a ‘Referee in Training’ which enables them to referee the relevant age groups for a period of 18 months. During this time the candidate is required to undergo practical & written/oral assessments. If the candidate is deemed competent they will be officially accredited as a Level 2 Referee.

Please note, whilst there are five levels of Referee accreditation within the National Referee Accreditation Scheme, only Levels 1 and 2 are education-based courses.  

Level 3-5 are earned through experience across the game.

Referee Accreditation

The NRL offers a range of referee courses designed to educate officials at all levels of the game. Click on an icon below to learn more.

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