Coaching Match Official Courses

Coach of Match Official (CMO) courses are designed to ensure all providers deliver courses at the highest standard and in return referees are equipped with the relevant skills to competently officiate a match.

The NRL conducts both a Level 1 and Level 2 CMO course.


To be eligible to complete a CMO Level 1 course, candidates must be:

  • 18 years +
  • Minimum L2 accredited Referee
  • Minimum of 2 year officiating in senior competitions (18 years +)
  • Must be nominated by Association, Referee Development Officer, or State NRAS Coordinator

  Curriculum Outline

  • Unit 1 Structure of the Game/NRAS/Refereeing Pathways
  • Unit 2 Role of the Referee’s Coach
  • Unit 3 What the CMO Coach “looks for”
  • Unit 4 Goal Setting
  • Unit 5 Critiquing On-field Performance
  • Unit 6 Skill-related Drills
  • Unit 7 Fitness Testing
  • Unit 8 Art of Counseling


To be eligible to complete a CMO L2 course, candidates must:

  • Hold a CMO Level 1 accreditation for a minimum of one year

Curriculum Outline

  • Unit 1 Factors Impacting on Match Trends
  • Unit 2 Proaction: The Key to Performance Achievement
  • Unit 3 Assessment vs Coaching
  • Unit 4 Developing an Effective Officiating Style
  • Unit 5 Developing an Action Plan
  • Unit 6 Production and Use of Coaching Resources

Candidates of the CMO Level 1 course are encouraged to progress through to the CMO Level 2 Course.

If you are interested in completing a CMO course then you will need to contact your Association or local Referee Development Officer


Referee Accreditation

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