Participant Accreditation Profiles

All Rugby League Participants can access their own personal profile to view the accreditation's they hold in the game.

Once logged into their profile they can view the status, start date and end date of their accreditation's

It’s important for each participant to know this information and ensure the relevant accreditation remains valid when fulfilling their role as either a Coach, Referee or Leaguesafe/Sports trainer

How do you log into your profile?

  • Click on the ‘Login’ button at the top right hand side of the screen
  • Enter your email address (username) and Password. If you are unsure of your password then click ‘Forgot’. You will then be sent an email with instructions to set a password.

  • If you have multiple participants linked to your login account you will need to select the one you are wanting to view.


  • Once logged in, select the Accreditation's tab on the left hand side. Each accreditation you hold will then be displayed

Please Note: If you do have multiple participants linked to your login account such as other family members you can access their profiles and accreditation information once you are logged in by selecting their name from the drop down option in the far right hand corner.


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