Here's what you can expect on the day!

The program appeals to the true nature of kids, in all their messy, high energy, love of fun and play. Moments after meeting their coach and teammates they will be straight into the action, playing specially designed games to help build their skills both physically and mentally. Most of all though, our Junior Participation Program is about having fun and allowing your child to find their own unique strength. So until they crash into bed that night, prepare to relive the action and be reminded of their on-field conquests.

Every participant receives a cool Program Pack!

In this pack you will get an NRL backpack, footy, cap, bottle and pencil case. (The below image is an example and does not necessarily reflect the pack you will receive).

What's involved

This program has been developed specifically for children 5-12 years old. Each session will provide a balance of structured non-contact skill development activities and small sided games designed to develop fundamental movement skills (agility, balance, and coordination) and Rugby League specific skills (pass, catch, kick, etc.)

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