TackleSafe Programs

What is the TackleSafe Program?

The TackleSafe program prepares participants to learn correct & safe techniques, preparing them for the tackle version of Rugby League. The six-session program is delivered by accredited NRL TackleSafe deliverer’s aims to increase player confidence and physical competence in all tackling situations. To enhance the overall enjoyment of participants, the TackleSafe program compliments the NRL SafePlay Code and TackleSafe competition initiative that offers a safe and progressive introduction to tackle Rugby League.

Why TackleSafe?

The TackleSafe program addresses concerns commonly influencing parent’s perception towards Rugby League; in relation to their child’s size, strength and abilities. Therefore, the TackleSafe Program focuses on key competencies to reduce the effects of varying size, maturation and skill level. Via a systematic introduction to tackle situations we allow participants to gradually learn skills that will assist in tackling and being tackled with the program culminating in a modified, tackle version of Rugby League.

Player Development Framework - TackleSafe

Watch our clip for an overview of the TackleSafe Program and LeagueTag concept.

Tackling perceptions...

"The kids could focus on other skills such as stepping, chasing, looking for gaps and looking ahead of the play rather than how they were going to tackle."

Read through the research and trials that have led to the development of the TackleSafe Initiative.


Click here to download the TackleSafe Program Deliverer's Manual

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