Put yourself in their shoes

It's just a game
Coaches - Put yourself in their shoes

Coaches - put yourself in their shoes

Every week, hundreds of thousands of grassroots players, coaches, and volunteers head to local grounds across Australia to play and participate in the game that we all love – Rugby League.

The NRL, together with State Leagues and NRL Clubs, are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all players and have developed a series of videos aimed at reminding people that at the end of the day Rugby League is simply a game, to be enjoyed and respected by all.

The first story focuses on coach behaviour towards the game’s match officials. This short and light hearted clip asks our coaches to put themselves in the shoes of our hardworking referees. It serves as a reminder to all our coaches that while it is nice to come home with a win to our Junior League players, having fun with their teammates is the most important aspect of the game.

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