Risk Management for Coaches

Thousands of Australians participate in Rugby League at various levels on a regular basis. Activities range from the purely amateur recreational level to high profile professional Rugby League. No matter where on the scale an individual is placed, they may be exposed to risks that have the potential to cause physical, financial or legal disaster. Therefore the effective management of risk is an important requirement of everyone involved in Rugby League. Coaches and officials have a vital role to play in this regard.

Coaches and officials are in a position requiring expertise and knowledge. The law imposes a duty to take all reasonable care having regard for the circumstances. They must properly instruct, officiate, supervise and warn. As a coach or official, their behavior will be judged according to what is a reasonable level of proficiency for those roles. Coaches must balance the objective of winning against the welfare and safety of all participants. It must be remembered that the younger the participants, the greater the responsibility placed on a coach or official. 

Download a copy of the NRL Risk Management Guide for Coaches & Officials by clicking the icon below. 

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