NRL Coach Accreditation

What is the Rugby League National Coaching Accreditation Scheme?

The National Coaching Accreditation Scheme is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission and aims to ensure that all Rugby League coaches receive both essential and beneficial educational opportunities.

Why do I need an accreditation to coach a Rugby League team?

Coaching Accreditation is compulsory for all Rugby League coaches in Australia, regardless of what age or level you are coaching at. It is essential that new coaches gain a basic understanding of how to coach, different stages of learning and development, safety considerations, as well as the core skills, tactics and laws of the game prior to taking on the role of a coach.

Who needs a Coaching Accreditation?

Regardless of what age or level you intend on coaching, you will be required to gain a Coaching Accreditation as per National Rugby League (NRL) policy.

What courses are offered?

The NRL offers courses for all age groups and levels. to find out more about these courses, you can download the NRL coach accreditation guide, or click on a specific course below.

What type of accreditation do I need?

Depending upon the age group and level you are coaching at, you will need to complete one of the following courses.

1. Coaching 6-12s: these coaches require a minimum of a Modified Games Coach (MGC) certificate.

2. Coaching 13s+: these coaches require a minimum of an International Games Coach (IGC) certificate.  

3. Coaching a senior team (18+) and are the head coach, coaching coordinator or top level (senior) coach with 2 or more senior grades, we would advise you to complete the Senior Club Coaching Course (SCC)

How long does my accreditation last for?

Your Accreditation has an expiry date – of four years from its date of issue. At that time, you must update your accreditation in order to continue coaching. Of course, if you should upgrade your accreditation to a higher level at any time during those four years, then the expiry date re-commences from the date of issue of the updated accreditation. The expiry date is clearly shown on the accreditation certificate issued to all coaches upon accreditation.


Coaching Accreditation

The NRL offers a range of coaching courses designed to educate coaches at all levels of the game. Click on a course below to learn what is involved.

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