How does a Club register to participate in the Active Kids Program?

NSWRL and CRL, in conjunction with the NRL will complete a bulk upload of all affiliated Clubs in NSW to the Office of Sport. This process should save you club time in registering manually. Once the upload is complete, your club’s primary contact will receive an email from Service NSW to login, confirm your club’s details and accept the program terms and conditions. Providers must be approved and registered with the Office of Sport before accepting vouchers. If you have any questions regarding this bulk upload, please contact your NSWRL or CRL Representative.

Should all clubs Register?

If your club will have participants eligible for the Active Kids Program as per the provider guidelines, your club is advised to take part in this initiative.

How will clubs verify vouchers once the program opens?

The NRL is working in conjunction with NSWRL, CRL, NSW Office of Sport and the NRL’s digital registration provider to build an integration between the Online Registration Platform and the NSW Active Kids Program. The desire is that this system upgrade will automatically verify vouchers within the LeagueNet Platform.

Clubs will also be able to log into Service NSW and redeem participants vouches

How will the Club receive the $100 from the voucher?

As per the attached guidelines. Service NSW will deposit the money from the vouchers periodically into the club's nominated bank account. If your club's bank account is already in LeagueNet, the bank details will be automatically loaded in the Service NSW system.

What if my club’s registration fees are below $100?

Please note that providers will be reimbursed the actual value of the activity up to $100 and do not automatically receive $100 for each voucher. Providers cannot raise their fees above a reasonable level (i.e. pricing of participation shall not be increased directly as a result of the registration of a provider in Active Kids).

Can clubs retrospectively redeem vouchers?

No retrospective reimbursement of fees will be paid. It is understood that clubs may allow for part or deferred payment at registration. Clubs can still take registrations prior to the opening of the Active Kids Program, however it is advised they take they follow the process on the below.

Who can I go to for help?

Further information on the Active Kids program can be found at sport.nsw.gov.au/activekids

If you would like assistance with any of these processes within the NRL’s Registration Platform, please contact Support

For Club assistance, please contact your NSWRL or CRL Administrator

Click here for link to Provider Guidelines

Click here for link to Recipient Guidelines

Tips on Registrations taken PRIOR to the opening of the NSW Active Kids Voucher Platform.

Clubs are still able to take registrations prior to the opening of the NSW Active Kids Program. The below scenarios should assist you in managing these registrations through the LeagueNet Database,

Scenario 1 – Participant does not wish to redeem Active Kids Voucher

Solution: The participant registers as per normal process and can pay fee in full at the time of registration

Scenario 2 – Club wants to allow participants to pay Part Payment (Deposit) now and enable participants to utilise voucher when the Active Kids Voucher program opens 

Solution: Within the Registration Platform set your registration product to be $100 less than what your club will be charging for the 2018 Season. This would enable the participant to pay the final part of the registration fee via the Active Kids program when the program opens.

The club can go to the service NSW website and input the participants voucher number to receive the funds.

Scenario 3 – Club wishes to give participants to option of utilising their Voucher or Paying in Full

Solution: Place two “Active but Non-Mandatory” registration products on your club’s registration form. One product showing the whole amount and the other showing the whole amount minus Active Kids program voucher. This will enable parents/participants to choose where they would like to wait until the NSW Active Kids program opens to pay their final $100 of the registration fee or to pay in full now.

Scenario 4 – Clubs wish to allow participants to Register now but pay later (this payment including Active Kids Voucher

Solution: Defer the collection of you club’s registration fees, by not placing products on your club’s registration forms, until the NSW Active Kids program opens in early 2018. Participants who register now will be able to log back in and pay once you place your registration fee products on your clubs registration form in LeagueNet

For Further assistance on these scenario's please contact Support


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